Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Youtube conversation: Women should be shy and quiet..?

I know he meant it in a positive way but.. my two cents:

Assalamu alaikum. I think, though, that there should be a clarification on the "shy, quiet" thing.. I think there is a tendency amongst muslim communities to very literally want women to "be quiet" and unfortunately they use Islam (incorrectly) as a way to force this sort of thinking - but shyness is really a bad translation for the word "hayaa'" in Islam.. Hayaa' I think is better translated as shame (e.g. "don't you have any shame?!" I don't think women have to be shy and quiet - seen but not heard (or perhaps not even seen).. There are many examples of women at the time of Prophet SAWS being very vocal.. This teaching of "shy and quiet" often becomes a negative thing if you understand my meaning.. To have shame is to be shy and quiet around something shameful - but at the same time, to have shame or hayaa' is to speak out with strength when seeing something wrong or when defending Islam.. I am not impressed by any muslim girl that uses shyness as an excuse to not speak up for her religion or allow muslim authoritative men to steal her God-given rights and treat her as a second class citizen.

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